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At Wise Up Academy we develop the cognitive competences and promote school success Our mission is to develop unique programs for school success, respecting individuality and proposing, based on best scientific practice, resources that will enable each student to achieve his/her true learning, human and social potential.

Wise Up Academy supports school and kindergarten teachers

Are you a a school or kindergarten teacher and want to know more on how to optimise your pupils’ performance at school?


At  Wise Up Academy we look for educational solutions that adapt to the characteristics and needs of each pupil, providing a targeted monitoring and the means to evaluate the areas where improvement is possible.


Take the opportunity to sign up for our exclusive training, which is certified.


Wise Up is also available to visit schools to provide the necessary support to teachers and pre-school educators.


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About us

Wise Up Academy is an academy focused on the development of educational competences, composed of a team of clinical psychologists, educational psychologists, neuropsychologists and speech therapists, with extensive experience. We are constantly investigating and updating on issues such as hyperactivity, dyslexia, and learning difficulties, among others.

Through individual support or group sessions, Wise Up Academy  is a learning facilitator.

The constant monitoring of the student’s learning skills makes it possible to detect any deviation and take timely corrective measures, consistently improving short, medium and long-term results.


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Meet the Group

Wise Up Academy is a product of IDDP.


IDDP stands for “Instituto de desenvolvimento didactico & psicologia” (Institute for didactic development and psychology). It was founded in 2006 and is located in Lisbon, Portugal.

We work on the merging of Pedagogy, and Neuroscience and intervention in clinical psychology.

Our mission is to develop and work with high quality products that are reliable and meet the needs of experts as well as the needs of our patients.

The wide field of our activity ranges from ADHD to the stimulation and development of the superior cognitive ability, from Dyslexia to speech therapy, from anxiety to depression, and many more humor and personality disorders.

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Be a part of this success

Wise Up Academy has developed an original and exclusive system of educational solutions, specializing in individualized school support, innovating on the basis of scientific criteria.

Its unique model allows the generation of innumerable activities, adapted to each pupil and each school cycle, aimed at stimulating the development of competencies associated with school success.

To date, hundreds of children have already benefited from the methodology devised by Wise Up Academy, improving learning capacity in every subject.

In response to several solicitations, Wise Up Academy has decided on the expansion of its business under a franchising regime.

Franchising is a partnership business in which a successfully proven company (the Franchisor) transfers to a third party (the Franchisee) his business concept, authorizing the use of his brand, teaching him his management methods, his business model, providing him constant support and integrating him into a network of expanding recognition.


  • Wise Up Academy’s franchising system is characterised by a number of benefits for the franchisees. They can opt for opening an academy (in a physical store, at least 70 square metres) or begin activity as an Agent (store not required), operating from home and servicing clients at their own premises.
  • Among other advantages, Wise Up Academy provides:
  • A tested business, in a fundamental sector: Education
  • Possibility of undertaking the business without a store
  • Initial training
  • Permanent support
  • Franchisor experience
  • Original and unique system of educational support
  • Exclusive products and services
  • Exclusive Wise Up Academy pedagogical software
  • Low initial investment
  • Quick investment return

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Date established: 31st October 2006

Initial investment: From 8.000€

Beginning of the franchising: 2012

Royalties: 6%

Advertising tax: Não tem /  Not applicable

Geographical area coverage: Minimum of 20.000 people

Franchising Modalities: Academy (with shop) and Agent (without shop)

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The unique and innovative method of Wise Up Academy adapts to the concrete needs of all students and promotes educational success independent of country, language or culture.

Benefit from our intervention programs directly in your country or language!


Contact our Head office for more information!


Head Office:

   United States of America

   3422 Old Capitol Trail #464 Wilmington,

   Delaware 19808


Branch Office:


   Av. Duque de Ávila, 185, 1.ºB 1050-082 Lisboa


   Tel: +351 212 436 909