Group Coaching

Besides enhanced cognitive competencies, we are also sensitive to emotional and social competencies.  Together, they are highly relevant for academic success.


Study Methods and Habits Workshop  A significant part of academic failure is due to the inadequate strategies and methods that each student adopts in response to the learning programmes to be carried out.  Aware of this reality, we have structured a workshop aimed at systematically improving the approach to study and the autonomization required by the needs of each discipline and subject matter.

Maths Workshop  Maths can be fun. Through the use of innovative and student-tailored methods, we develop computational capacity, quantitative capacity and mathematical thinking, thereby improving, systematically, the academic performance in this subject.

Reading and Writing Workshop  (Students with Dyslexia) It is estimated that, worldwide,  approximately 10% of students cannot achieve correct reading and writing, even if they have full cognitive capacities, which places this specific learning handicap in virtually every classroom.  By means of this workshop we recognize the importance and the fundamental role of correct learning of reading and writing mechanisms in developing and fostering successful school performance.

Workshop for Hyperactive Students  Adopting the latest approaches to this challenge, we strive to improve those resources where there is deficit, usually in the capacity for attention and concentration, which are fundamental to the learning process.