Millions of educational solutions

At Wise Up Academy we believe that each student has a unique form of learning.

Therefore only an educational solution, that is specifically adapted to his/her special characteristics will facilitate Educational and Social success.

Based on an initial assessment, we create a unique path for INDIVIDUAL DEVELOPMENT, so that each student follows a growth trajectory towards ACADEMIC SUCCESS.

We have combined growth of educational achievement with a maturing of social competencies, indispensable to the assertion of an individual in society.

At Wise Up Academy we look for educational solutions that are tailored to the characteristics of each student.

We assess needs in terms of academic tutoring and provide a specific and focused monitoring which allows us to identify the areas where improvement is possible.

Our Wise Up methodology stimulates the development of the various skills associated with school success, supporting your child by creating study methods that will lay a base for the future.

This personalized methodology produces results in the short and long term, we improve academic success and contribute towards a professional future richer in opportunities.

At Wise Up Academy you will be able to follow online, at any given time, your child’s progression and his path to success.

Results are guaranteed… try it out!