Online Monitoring for parents

At Wise Up Academy you can, at any time, keep track online of your child’s progression and his/her path to achievement.


Keep track of the reasons for the improvement in school results:
Follow the day to day evolution of your child and his/her academic competencies with a simple click.
Check the performance charts and compare present and past performance, noting the evolution that has taken place.
Analyse each individual competence, from reading and writing, to the capacity for attention/concentration, including mathematic calculation. There are 20 competencies in all.


You will have the opportunity to keep track of your child’s day to day development and of all his/her competencies, with a simple click.
When choosing any one of the competencies available on the site, you will be able to check the development attained in each and the consequent cognitive maturing, for each capacity that is being developed.


See our booklet for more information: wiseupacademy or contact us!